Mole - Summary

What is Mole?


Mole is a program that is designed to be operated from command line. Mole is distributed under the GNU Public Licence and is open source. A copy of the licence will be included in the package. By version 1.0.0, Mole will have the ability to do most common functions required for a basic high school or college chemistry course. After version 1.1.0, more advanced features will be added to Mole. The pre-alpha release (03-05-05) has the ability to calculate the number of moles and atoms, calculate molar mass of a molecule, and calculate the mass of a substance from the number of moles. The fourth option, empirical and molecular formulas does not function properly most of the time and is added for debugging purposes only. This is the first problem that will be fixed (v. 0.0.2). Plans for v. 0.0.3 include: stoichiometry and gas laws and stoichiometry.

Note about version numbers

The if the first digit is greater than 1, it is an official, stable release; other versions are alpha releases. The second digit indicates whether the release is an alpha release. If the second digit is greater than 1, it is an alpha release; other versions are pre-alpha. The last digit indicates whether the release is stable (tested) or whether it is an unstable release.